Becoming a PAGOH. A person after God's Own Heart

Becoming a PAGOH should be driving us as Christians.  I think it is too easy to be a wishy washy Christian in North America. It's too easy to be lazy.  There is no desperation or dependance.  We don't pray for our daily bread, because it's in the fridge whereas some of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East and other places live constantly under the threat of death, persecution and trials and cry out to God daily. We just covered Repentance and Confession as absolutely key to seeing a move of God in our lives.  The Hebrew word for repent is TESHUVA. It means to stop the direction you are going in and turn your face to God. Like my Jewish friend who calls out TESHUVA when his child is running to the street. REPENT. Stop your own direction, turn to your abba, your father.   It doesn't mean mend your ways.  Granted, true repentance will result in a change of action, but the action change comes when we turn our face/heart to the One who pays our debt.  

The Hebrew word for confession literally means "to throw out", to cast.  It has the idea of letting it out.  Nothing hidden. Bringing into the light.  That's a good picture of what we do with God.  In the New Testament, the word is homologeo. To say the same thing as God about our sin.  We aren't hiding anything.  Adam and Eve tried to hide their sin and shame. They tried to cover themselves up with their fig leaves of their own making.  It never works. The enemy knows this and will do whatever it takes to convince us to cover up our sin. To hide it.  The only solution when sin is hidden is to try to work to remove the guilt and it never works.  Because the only solution to sin is to uncover it before God and let Him deal with it and restore unto us the joy of our salvation.

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