Sermon Follow up! Giving our privilege

As many know, I am slightly uncomfortable talking about money, because all the manipulation out there amongst TV Preachers in particular.  But, I fear I do us a disservice if we don't talk about it as Jesus talked about money often (by the way, he didn't talk about money more than other things, he talked about the kingdom the most but often he does mention how money could be used/misused in the kingdom).   I have several concerns. One, legalism in our giving and manipulation verses worship.  We give joyfully, generously, willingly, sacrificially and wisely as mentioned in the message.  So here is a message follow up on several spiritual motivations for giving that go beyond a sense of duty or legalism.
  1. Generosity as an act of worship: Giving can be seen as a way to express gratitude and devotion to God. It can be an act of worship that acknowledges God as the ultimate provider and giver. This is a big one to me.  
  2. Generosity as an expression of faith: Giving can be a tangible expression of one's faith and trust in God. It demonstrates a belief that God will continue to provide for one's needs, even as resources are shared with others.
  3. Generosity as an act of love: Giving can be an act of love for one's fellow human beings. It can be a way to show compassion and care for those in need, as taught in the Bible and exemplified by Jesus.
  4. Generosity as a way to grow spiritually: Giving can be a way to grow in one's spiritual life. It can be a reminder to put one's trust in God, rather than in material possessions, and to focus on what truly matters in life.
  5. Generosity as a way to be a good steward: Giving can be seen as a way to be a good steward of the blessings and resources God has given us. We are to be responsible with what we have been given and use it to help others and to glorify God.

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