Grow Groups

Church grow groups are small, tightly-knit gatherings within a congregation where members come together for both enriching Bible study and fostering meaningful community connections. These groups provide a supportive environment for spiritual exploration and personal growth through shared learning and fellowship. Choose one from our list of Grow Group Leaders! If you want to become a Grow Group Leader, please contact the Feather Sound Church Office!
Seth and Shelle Morrin
8797 94th St. Seminole, FL. 33777.
Thurs. 6pm.
Kids are welcome.
Larry and Marilyn Hardie - Hosted by Denise Newville
2823 Heron Pl. Clearwater, FL. 33762.  
Sun. 9am.
No Childcare
Brandon and Stacy Shore
2955 Dartmouth Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL. 33713.
Mon. 6:30pm.
Kids are welcome.
Glen and Janet Walker
6100 105 Ave, Pinellas Park, FL. 33782.
Wed. 12:30pm.
Chris Baez and Jason Newman Co-Leaders
12001 Dr MLK Jr St N, Bld 34, Apt# 3410 St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Mon. 6pm.
No Childcare
Tommy and Suzanna Bonafede
3230 Sandy Ridge Dr, Clearwater, FL 33761
Sun. 5:30pm
Kids are Welcome
Reb Yancey and Wilkes Coleman Co Leaders
2864 La Concha Drive Clearwater, FL 33762
Mon. 6pm.
Kids are welcome.
David and Sharon Clevenger
8195 Wild Oaks Cir, Largo, FL 33773
Tues. 6:30pm.
Ages 18-30
Carlos and Cheryl Sanchez
1920 Meadow Drive Clearwater, FL 33763
Mon. 6pm
No Childcare
Brian and Tessa Dault
4188 38th St S, St Petersburg, FL 33711
Thurs. 6:30pm
Kids are welcome.