Grow Groups

Church grow groups are small, tightly-knit gatherings within a congregation where members come together for both enriching Bible study and fostering meaningful community connections. These groups provide a supportive environment for spiritual exploration and personal growth through shared learning and fellowship. Choose one from our list of Grow Group Leaders! If you want to become a Grow Group Leader, please contact the Feather Sound Church Office!
Seth and Shelle Morrin
8797 94th St. Seminole, FL. 33777.
Thurs. 6pm.
Kids are welcome.
Larry and Marilyn Hardie - Hosted by Denise Newville
2823 Heron Pl. Clearwater, FL. 33762.  
Sun. 9am.
No Childcare
Brandon Shore and Wilkes Coleman Co-Leaders
2955 Dartmouth Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL. 33713.
Mon. 6:30pm.
Kids are welcome.
Glen and Janet Walker - 55+ Group
6100 105 Ave, Pinellas Park, FL. 33782.
Wed. 12:30pm.
Adults 55+
Chris Baez and Jason Newman Co-Leaders
12001 Dr MLK Jr St N, Bld 34, Apt# 3410 St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Mon. 6pm.
No Childcare
Jeremy and Julie Hurguy
Grow Room/Café
Sun. 12:45pm
Kids are welcome.
Reb Yancey and Wilkes Coleman Co Leaders
2864 La Concha Drive Clearwater, FL 33762
Mon. 6pm.
Kids are welcome.
Ryan Schuler - Hosted by Andrew May
4241 66th Ave. Pinellas Park, FL 33781
Mon. 6pm.
Ages 18-30