Freedom Life Children's Home (FLCH) - Bihar India

How It Started

2014: Delivered from the Domain of Darkness
  • In 2014 - street evangelism to orphaned children in Bihar, India
  • Fed all that came 3 mornings a week
  • Rented a room nearby to teach them about Jesus
  • Provided clothing, hair cuts for lice, medical, hygiene, etc…
2015: The Lord Provided a Real Home
2016 - Current Day: New Life in Christ, Family and Education

The Plan

The plan is to build 3 buildings on the land purchased in 2023. One building will be for a girl's home, one will be for a boy's home and one will be to house staff and serve as a common area and contain classrooms for future schooling. This will increase the amount of kids that can live there from 60 to 200, taking kids off of the street and providing them with a home. 
Located in the Bihar Region of India.

How We Can Help

There will be a Mission Trip to India on December 16-23. More information will be made available soon. If you are interested in going on that trip. Fill out the interest form below.
Keep the kids, staff and construction in your prayers. There are many uphill battles and one of the best ways to fight them is for God's people to pray.
There are multiple ways to give:
  • To give a one time donation, do so at and change the fund to "Major Missions Project - India Orphanage".
  • If you want to give a monthly donation, go to or send a check that is payable to:
Love Multiplied - FM418
Attn: FLCH
910 Huntington Cove
Houston, TX 77063

Mission Trip Interest Form