Greeting Team Training

General Team Information

First, thank you for serving on the greeting team!!
  • Snacks and coffee are available for the team in the labeled Snack Bin and Keurig respectively. Please help yourself!
  • Pick up your badge hanging on the wall before Team meeting on Sunday Morning.
  • Team Meetings are at 8:40 AM (9 AM service) and 10:25 AM (11 AM service).
  • Look at the whiteboard for updates.
  • Lockers provided for personal items. 1. Set the Code 2. Lock it 3. Scramble it.
  • Door room code will be provided.
  • Make sure your attention is on every guest with a genuine smile.
  • All of our greeting positions are open to all ages male and female.
  • Expensive (phones, iPads, etc.) lost and found items are with the Safety Team and the rest are located in the Welcome Center.
  • Please dress appropriately. If there are any questions about what to wear, let us know and we can help.

Front Door Greeter

We want every guest to feel welcomed by greeting and assisting them in a way that radiates Christ’s passion and love for them. Every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday!
  • You are the front line, so please be on time and stay in your position.
  • Though it may be difficult, please refrain from conversations with friends while you are serving.
  • Be the first to say “hello”. Make eye contact. Be genuine and welcoming with your actions.
  • Make sure the MAIN DOOR sign (found in volunteer central) is on the carpeted sidewalk.
  • If you are asked where anything is located, ask the team manager to help the guest.
  • Please remain in your greeting position until 15 minutes after service starts.
  • You are the hands and feet of Jesus to our guests. That may mean picking up trash, changing positions, walking a guest to their seat, carrying in a diaper bag for a mom, praying with a guest, or any other opportunity the Lord brings your way. If you see a need, please meet it!
1 Corinthians 12:27 “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you are a part of it”. Thank you for being an active part of the body at Feather Sound Church.

Welcome Center Greeter

We want every guest to feel welcomed by helping them with questions they have when they come to the Welcome Center. Every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday!
  • If people ask you when groups are meeting, you can look at the
  • If someone is interested in a T-shirt, the sizes are located in the baskets on the right side of the WELCOME CENTER.  All purchases on the Resource shelves are made by putting money in an envelope and dropping it in the box on the wall.
  • Your standing position will be located in front of the utility closet near the Welcome Center to keep the entrance to the area open. Please always have a Yellow Bag in hand.
  • A big priority for your position is to look for new people and ask them to scan the QR code on the sign OR fill out the form and then give them a YELLOW BAG as a gift.
  • If someone does not have a smartphone, have them fill out a physical card and text a photo of the card to 727-564-2244.
  • If you are asked where anything is located, find someone to walk them there.
  • You may leave the welcome center 5 minutes after service starts.
  • Return to welcome center after service as this is the busier time to serve our community.
  • We have hearing devices available, a sign-out sheet is there for anyone that would like to use a device. Wipe down with disinfectant wipes any device that is returned after 1st service.
  • The Lost and Found is located in the Welcome Center.

Sanctuary Hosts

Goal: As guests enter the sanctuary, we want them to feel welcomed by greeting and assisting them in a way that radiates Christ’s passion and love for them. Every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday!
  • Before and after the 11am service, if you are able, please check for coffee spills and report it to your team lead.
  • Remain in the lobby, outside of the sanctuary doors, until 15 minutes after service starts or as needed.
  • Try to encourage guests to sit as close to the middle front as possible, as these are the best seats and usually open.

Parking Greeter

We want to make every guest feel like they are welcome at Feather Sound Church by greeting them as they come into our parking lot. The sermon starts in the parking lot!
We have handheld signs in Volunteer Central that you can hold while greeting.
  • Face the direction of the entrance to the Feather Sound community as you are waving to guests. Refrain from conversing with other volunteers or on a phone while guests are entering. 
  • Put out the church feather flag( when you go out to greet).
  • Stay in position until 10 minutes after service starts.
  • Wave, Smile big and have Fun!
1 Corinthians 12:27 “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you are a part of it”.

Fellowship Hall Door Greeter

To greet new families and help them to check in area upstairs if needed.
  • Hold the "We ❤️ Kids" sign or the "Coffee" sign to direct people to the proper location.  Both signs are in Volunteer Central.
  • Be in position after team meeting and a few minutes after service starts.
  • Your position is located at the Fellowship Hall door.
  • Smile. Welcome and invite people in for coffee and fellowship.

Sunday Morning Walkthrough

To make sure the building is clean and free of clutter and ready to make a great impression for those gathering in the building.
  • Your report time is 8:30am.
  • Grab a clipboard and start the walkthrough list. Return clipboard to the wall.
  • At the end of the walkthrough, see if the Team Manager needs help with anything. 

Team Manager

To lead the team meeting and manage the volunteers on Sunday morning. Every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday!
  • Lead the team meeting for the 8:40am or 10:25am service. You can lead the prayer or ask someone else to lead it.
  • Make sure everyone has a name tag. 
  • Give the team updates.
  • Go through the items on the manager's clipboard. Return clipboard to the wall when finished.
  • Replace any greeting position that is not covered.
  • Be available to take any visitors on a church tour if necessary.
  • Remind the greeters who serve once per month of their responsibilities.
  • Write any important future dates or reminders on the whiteboard