Event Request

FSC Event Protocol

Step 1: Submit online event request form.
Step 2: Wait for approval of your event. Upon submission of the request form, your event will be reviewed by FSC Staff. You will receive feedback by the next business day informing you if your event has been approved.
Step 3: Coordinate with FSC Staff event logistics and send graphic request. If graphics and promotion are needed, please allow a minimum of 3 weeks lead time. Once graphics are ready, they will be provided to your event manager for further promotion.
Step 4: Coordinate your volunteers and promotion.
Step 5: Coordinate set up and tear down with volunteers and FSC Staff. 
Step 6: If applicable, send event photos to FSC Staff for approval.
Step 7: Send FSC Staff event recap after the event has taken place. Please provide feedback including what worked well, what should be added, what should be adjusted for next year.

Safety Protocol

FSC Safety Team will be informed of all events so they know how many safety volunteers to schedule during the event. We will send them your event information after your event has been approved.



If your event is in the Sanctuary, you can choose to have it livestreamed and/or recorded. Please be aware that we charge $150 for this service. You must also provide us with the necessary credentials to livestream to your website of choice.

How To Fill Out the Request Form

Use this form to submit a request to hold an event at Feather Sound Church. You can also submit more specific requests such as booking space, making an announcement/promotion or procuring a table in the lobby. You will be responsible for your own volunteers, as well as set up and tear down. If graphics and promotions are needed, please allow three weeks lead time.
***NOTE*** Submitting a request does not guarantee approval. Additional information may be required and we reserve the right to deny any request for any reason.
An Announcement Request is for promoting:
  • Ongoing church events (example: Sisters, Teen Drama Club, etc.)
  • External events that FSC is participating in, but not coordinating (example: Winter Jam Tampa, National Day of Prayer. 
A request for a Table in the Lobby is for:
  • Fundraising for Church Ministries (ex. Bake Sale for Youth, etc.)
  • Group Sign-ups for ongoing Church Events (Grow Group Registration, etc.)
  • Guest Speaker Merchandise/Fundraising
  • External Group/Event Promotion (ex. Pro-Life Alliance Petition)
A Room Request is for procuring access to one or more rooms for an event or activity that only specific people are invited to. Examples include weddings, baby showers, homeschool events or other gatherings.
If you require the Church Van or trailer, request it below.
***NOTE*** the person driving must be added to the church's insurance, so please allow for extra lead time for that to take place.
If the request encompasses more than one of these, please choose an Event Request. We will be happy to work with you to achieve your desired outcome.