Christmas Choir

We are overjoyed that your student is joining our Kids and Youth Choir for the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at Feather Sound Church. With their participation, we look forward to creating a truly uplifting and meaningful experience for our congregation!

Choir practice will begin Sunday, October 15th. We plan to meet in the youth area/fellowship hall at Feather Sound Church for a 30-minute practice each Sunday leading up to Christmas Eve. Practice will be from 10:15am to 10:45am. Parents are welcome to stay and observe. As this is separate from our kids ministry, we ask that parents are there ready to pick their child up no later than 10:45. We stress the importance of this as our leaders need to attend the next service, parents need time to sign their children into kids’ ministry, and the youth room is being used for the next service.
Requirements for choir members:
  • Between 5-18 years old.
  • Attend Sunday practices from October 15th- December 17th. 
  • Arrive early for Christmas Eve Evening Service on Sunday, December 24th. Estimated time is 4:30 pm but is subject to change.
  • Prepare to stay after 11 am service for practice with the worship band 2 Sundays in December prior to Christmas Eve. These dates will be communicated later.

Student Info

If the student does not have an email or phone number, please put the parents' phone or email as the best way to contact them.